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Hello. I'm Liza, the admin and owner of this blog, The Implicit Heart. Before this, I share this blog with a friend of mine, but now she is not able to contribute so right now I'm the sole owner of this blog.

I'm from Malaysia, a Malay woman and a Muslim. Although my age now in mid 30's but in my heart I'm still 25+.. (^_^)

My main purpose of blogging is to share about what happens in my life and experiences (mostly my haul). Something that can be shared with, do you know what I'm saying??

I love to interact will all of my readers that have the same passion like me. So feel free to chat or ask me. I always love to talk about makeup and such! Don't forget to follow my blog.. Thank you for visiting!

My personal wishlist
New camera
Longchamp bag
Drawer for makeup stuffs
Vanity table

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